Monday, May 25, 2009

In Memory of...

On this Memorial Day...I want to first express my thoughts of all the people who fought in the past and the brave souls who continue to fight so we as Americans can be free. To think free and act free on those thoughts. I sit here and remember my grandfather Julius always talking about the war and how he described his willingness to help with the cause. Keith's grandfather Joe who so courageously flew a P38 and helped successfully win WWII. I will always give my gratitude to those who volunteered and those who will continue to volunteer their lives for our freedom.

Today, I didn't go to a BBQ or do anything traditional that I've done in the past. I took this day to soak in the very forest I work in. This may sound dorky but in the last 5 years I've never gone out and enjoyed the Elliott State Forest like others do who don't work there. I'm usually on my way to a harvest unit thinking of my strategy to do the best job I can that day. Don't get me wrong I do stop to smell the roses when I'm at work but today was different. Normally, I look out my window in the work truck and gaze at the beauty as I pass by but I haven't stopped to really enjoy this place on my own time. So this is what I set out today to do. The most beautiful place in this vast forest (to me) is along the West Fork Millicoma River in the heart of the Elliott. So this was my plan; take the dogs, the camera and stop to enjoy the forest on my own time. We stopped along the river a few times, took a hike on an elk trail and the dogs went swimming. In a sense I wanted a memory of my own, in this forest. I may not work here forever so I wanted to take this day to remember the best part of this forest, the river.....

Happy Memorial Day!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

At the Beach with the Dogs

Yes I admit......I'm a coasty! There's something about living next to the ocean. You can feel the presence of this vast ocean even miles inland from the beach. The temperature doesn't change much throughout the year.
I've been going out to the beach a lot lately and it's been beautiful out there this spring! The dogs (Dozer, Lacey and my friend's dog Holly) are enjoying themselves especially. Running a muck like a bunch of hounds in and out of the water. This past Saturday I went out with a few friends and enjoyed all the positive ions from the ocean mist.

Life is Good!

Getting ready for the ball toss.

In the water.

The ball getter.

Alicia finding a spot to leave a message

Holly and Dozer

Bouy at the entrance of the jetties.

South Jetty of Coos Bay

Dozer's sandy face in the end.