Saturday, April 4, 2009

At the Beach with the Dogs

Yes I admit......I'm a coasty! There's something about living next to the ocean. You can feel the presence of this vast ocean even miles inland from the beach. The temperature doesn't change much throughout the year.
I've been going out to the beach a lot lately and it's been beautiful out there this spring! The dogs (Dozer, Lacey and my friend's dog Holly) are enjoying themselves especially. Running a muck like a bunch of hounds in and out of the water. This past Saturday I went out with a few friends and enjoyed all the positive ions from the ocean mist.

Life is Good!

Getting ready for the ball toss.

In the water.

The ball getter.

Alicia finding a spot to leave a message

Holly and Dozer

Bouy at the entrance of the jetties.

South Jetty of Coos Bay

Dozer's sandy face in the end.