Monday, April 28, 2008

Tulip Season coming to a Close

Tulip season in my garden is winding down. Satin petals are falling and I've divided almost every bulb I have by color as they bloomed and showed their flair. I hoped my grandfather, Julius Orosz watched from where ever he may be and adorned the tulips I grew for him:)

I don't know the name of these tulips only the color they remind me of.

Sunset Tulip

White and Pink Bouquet

One of the main planter beds.

Yellow tulips

Sunset Tulips

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Trip to Multnomah Falls and Columbia Gorge

This last March, I got to visit Multnomah Falls for the second time in my life. A very spectacular area just adjacent to the Columbia River on the Oregon side. My friend Delos and I hiked the path from the bottom up to the top which was about 600 feet in one mile. I think about 3/4ths of the way up, I started to wonder if I'll ever make to the top. I stopped many times to take pictures. This is the tallest waterfall I believe I've ever seen in my life so far:)

Please enjoy the pics and if you think you might want a copy of one for yourself, just go to for your choice.

Here's just a few of my favorites, starting from the bottom and heading up.

This is pretty much the entire Multnomah Falls, this was taken from the parking lot. The only way to get the whole thing!

Base - This is the last part of falls before turning back into a creek and heading out to the Columbia River.

Lower Multnomah Falls, you can see towards the top the first of two falls. I focused on the second (lower) fall.

Among the Trees- Mid falls surrounded by trees.

Above the Falls- This is the creek that feeds Multnomah Falls.

Here's one of those rare pics of me:) Delos took it, thanks D!
Here's one right back at Delos. We needed photographic proof that we made it up to the top!

This is what it looks like looking down. Oh, vertigo!! The trees in the upper right corner are 100' tall trees.
All of these photographs are for sale in various forms.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Walking on Winchester Trail

The weather picked up this weekend. Sunny and in the 70's. Whohoo!! I took Friday afternoon off to enjoy the spectacular weather on the coast. So the dogs and I ventured over to a local trail in the Coos County Forest between Coos Bay and Bandon, Oregon. Of course I took my camera along to see what the forest has to show off on such a spring day.

Full Sail- White Trillium, woodland flower.


Unknown woodland flower ( I haven't named the image yet either)

Dozer and Lacy

Skunk Cabbage - water loving woodland plant, always pops in the spring season around creeks.

Sword Fern - The most common fern in the Pacific Northwest forest. I borrow this plant's stable roots and stem to help get me up the hill slope througout my work day out in the woods (between 70-80 percent slope).

Dozer's ready to keep walking:)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My new website! What do you think?

I've decided to expand on my photography venture by opening my own website. Interestingly enough I started it from almost scratch instead of purchasing a template with expensive software. There were video tutorials on pretty much everything:) I went to

I've been working hard this last month building my website. Almost every night after work. It's been a good learning experience. Once I thought I was done, I would either find a mistake or adding to it.
They have helped with everything!! A very easy program. I recommend them:)

Here it is!!!

A few new images from the spring collection:

On Fire

White Blush


Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Two Dogs: Animal - Lover

All my life we've had family pets (dogs and cats). I definetly think people are the result of thier environment growing up as a child. Interacting and taking care of animals has been a big part of my childhood and it has carried over into adulthood. Keith and I share the same mantality about animals. They are like family:)

From renting houses over the years, it's been hard to have a dog but we have always found a place that would allow a dog. Now that I'm buying a house for the last 4 years, we now have two dogs. We would never pay for a dog unless it was from a humane society or shelter. There are way too many dogs and cats in shelters across the nation that need a loving home first. Look at your local humane society first before considering buying a animal. Keith and I have rescued three dogs that we've kept and taken care of, Shadow, Dozer and Lacy.

Here's our rescue stories:

Shadow: Keith's grandmother knew about the dog through a friend and she asked Keith if he was willing to save the dog. Poor Shadow was on death row and was about to be euthoized the next day and Keith wanted to give him a chance so he rescued him out of the pound. A mix of pit bull and red doberman. He lived to be 7 years old.

Dozer: I was on my way to school and stopped at the local store (Safeway) to pick up a lottery ticket. I saw this man wearing a uniform with two black pupies (8 weeks old) at his feet. I thought this was strange (this picture doesn't fit). I found out that someone abanonded these puppies behind the store and they made there way around to the front. People would stop and pet them and then go about their business. The pupies started making there way into traffic. I put them a shopping cart and called Keith and told him the story of these two pupies. He said to put them in the truck, grab some puppy food and take back to our house. We kept Dozer and foound a home for his sister Trinity. I know Matrix character names. We didn't think about it at the time we named them. He's a border collie- german shepard mix.

Lacy: Unfortuently was tied up under a boat. Fieses all around her water and food bowl. We sold firewood to this woman and the second time we dropped off wood, she was going to take Lacy to the pound. She was getting to big for the woman and she didn't want her anymore. Keith had me go and check her out. I about cried right then and there looking at the conditions this poor dog was living with. I didn't even hesitate on taking her. She's a Lab-Rot mix. The sweetiest dog I have ever met!!

We had Dozer and Lacy for about 5 years now. What a pair they make. Ones lazy and sweet and the other's hyper and very smart.

For some reason all have been what I call tuxedo dogs. Black coats with a small splash of white on the chest and feet.

We've rescued many other dogs together in the effort to find better lives in loving homes and we've been sucessful.

There will always be more dogs (and cats) that need a loving home and I hope to help in that effort for many yeats to come:)

Here's a few pictures of Dozer and Lacy: