Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Apple Pie in a Jar

Fall harvest always brings out the best in cooking and baking. I try to use everything we grow in the garden and if I don't I give it away to people at work. I try not to waste anything.

Last year I canned apples we harvested from our fruit trees. We enjoyed this recipe so much I decided to make it again this year. Apple Pie in Jar is from the cooking website Allrecipes. This recipe makes a completed apple pie mixture ready to be baked in a pie crust. From what I understand it is a gluten-free recipe as well. The recipe quotes for 7 quart size jars but I can only get 5 jars total. I must not be packing the jars enough with apples:)
Enjoy! As with all canned goods it is recommended to use within a year.

Here's a few pictures through out the process.
Freshly picked apples from the garden.
The quart size Kerr jars before sterilization.

Leftover apple peelings are great to compost. I used an apple corer, peeler and slicer all in one. A very handy tool for preparing apples.

Packing jars with apple slices before the cinnamon sugar mixture.

After pressure cooking the jars, now they sit and cool. We always keep our ears open to listen for the popping of lids. These jars make great Christmas gifts. About two jars will make an apple pie or just open one heat up on the stove top to put over vanilla ice cream.

Happy holidays!


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