Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas on the East Coast

Even though I live in Oregon, my mother's side of the family all live on the east coast. I haven't been back there since my sister Jessy graduated from high school in June 2005.
I'm way over due! So this holiday season I wanted to head back east to Maryland, Virgina and Delaware. Here's a few Christmas photos from my trip:)

Getting ready to leave on a jet plane from San Francisco after sunrise.

Flying over the California Bay Area.

Christmas day in Delaware at Aunt Kathy and Uncle Travis's house.
My mother Roni, Uncle Travis, Aunt Kathy and I.

My sister Jessy and I. Unfortunately she's taller than me.

My beautiful sister Jessy.

In Virgina at my aunt Julie's place. We went for a small hike in acres and acres of hardwood forest. I'm not used to not seeing many evergreen trees. Julie and her dog Bobo.

We decided to go and check out Great Falls National Park in Virgina (Potomac River Gorge).

Trying to model somewhat...just being goofy:)

I'm not the only photographer in the family!

Kayaking the Potomac River
Great Falls of Maryland and Virginia

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season for 2008!

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